Explore downtown Roseville property and dig into the past. It’s time to get down to the basics. Residents go back in time while walking along city streets. Downtown Roseville real estate is where it all began. Self guided walking tours bring local history to light.

In the late 1800’s prospectors journeyed to Roseville property in search of gold. With the Gold Rush in full swing, the railroad soon followed. As the Central Pacific Railroad lay down its tracks a crossroads was dubbed Junction. And later transformed into Roseville.

An outline of historical sites with background information is accessible thanks to the Roseville Historical Society and Chamber of Commerce. Locals looking into their hometown roots can follow along a detailed map exploring significant settings.

Take A Step Back Into Time On Roseville Real Estate

The Railroad Viewing Platform pays tribute to the vital role that this form of transportation played in the town's evolution. Time capsules are intriguing. Those whose interest is captured can check out the Civic Center Time Capsule and Monument. Art in public places adds color to any surroundings. The Columbus Statue at the post office was expertly carved by Italian Sculptor Bruno Cabrillo as a bicentennial gift. There is plenty more to see and do along the routes provided. Fire House Number 1 brings cheers from youngsters tagging along, and the Carnegie Museum is another favorite stop on the Historic Roseville Walking Tour. Explore the city’s historic streets today. The past is a beginning toward the future.